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Thank you to the Dream Center for partnering with Doral Cove Ministries in offering Today’s Hope for Women INTERVIEWS.   Heard the last Wednesday of each month at 9:00am on 93.7fm, the Victory.

The Victory

You can listen to The Victory, 93.7, live from the web or through your I-phone.  Click on The Victory’s logo above to go to their web page.

Listen below for some of Today’s Hope for Women Interviews:


Living Victoriously through…


parenting a child with special needs – Susan Pierson – November 30, 2017 (Gordan’s sacrifice for termination of live polio vaccination)



the holidays  – Tina Elacqua – December 28, 2017

Jerome Ellington

Jerome Ellington

the murder of a son – Norma Ellington – January 25, 2017 (God allows much good to come through brokenness)

Elaine Friedrich

Dr. Elaine Friedrich

challenging seasons of life – Dr. Elaine Friedrich – March 8, 2017 – audio quality is very poor

the loss of a son (to murder) and husband (to cancer) – Rayna Bomar – March 29, 2017



Noah Chamberlin

Noah Chamberlin

the loss of a son – Destiny Chamberlin – April 26, 2017


pornography (three-part series)

Ron DeHaas

Ron DeHaas

Covenenant Eyes Logo

part I:  pornography addiction – June 1, 2017 – Ron DeHaas, President and Co-founder of Covenant Eyes – Ron DeHaas exposes the national and church-wide crises we are experiencing with the underlying theme of healing and victory that can come through Jesus Christ. Ron achieved the purpose of this interview which was to establish what is pornography and how it is widespread and destructive for families.


part II:  destructive effects of pornography addiction (Part II) – June 28, 2017 – Linda (not her real name).  As a survivor of Linda’s former husband’s addiction, she achieved the purpose of this interview by establishing with testimony how destructive a pornography addiction is at a personal level.


part III:  Stay tuned for the final interview in this three-part series (August 1st with Ron) who will discuss freedom through pornography addiction.