Hope Beyond Loss Bible Study


What people are saying about Hope Beyond Loss:  A Biblical Framework for Processing and Surviving Loss

“There is a saying, ‘You can only take people as far as you have gone yourself’  Tina has journeyed deeply with the Lord through her own personal story of loss and has used what Jesus has taught her to be a guide to others through their own suffering.  Her writing is invaluable and her faith deep.  Let her walk with you as a guide through the often treacherous terrain of grief.”
Will Chenault Soul Care Pastor
            Fellowship Bible Church, Jackson, TN
 “Tina has taken her own grief from the loss of her parents and used it to develop a program to help others understand and process their own grief in a Godly manner.  Each week for ten weeks, Tina walks alongside grieving participants, holding our hands and handing out tissues, as she guides us in figuring out “Why did God let this happen?’ and ‘What do I do next?’
                                                – Rayna Bomar Law Clerk – the Chief United States
                                                   District Judge
                                                   Western District of Tennessee
“Dr. Tina Elacqua is a spiritual mentor to those suffering from intense grief.  She has a gift for inspiring healing through her powerful imagery.  I am blessed to have her in my life as a sister in Christ.”
                                                – Gail Spain Chief Financial Officer
Description of the Study:

Dear Friends,

I am excited to share with you a Bible Study that the Lord wrote through me called Hope Beyond Loss: A Biblical Framework for Processing and Surviving Loss. It is a 10-week Christ-Centered experience for those who have struggled with grief and loss (of any kind – loved ones, divorce, health, job/career/ministry, pets, home, finances, addictions, to name a few).  This study is an opportunity to allow God to speak to our heart and provide healing through His Spirit, His Word, and the Body of Christ.

Watch the video below if you would like to learn more!

Watch this video below to see and hear personal testimony from some of the graduates of the Hope Beyond Loss Bible Study.

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